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Cake Smash Photos Adelaide | Agata's Photography

Cake Smash Photography with Agata’s Photography

I absolutely love photography natural Baby Photography in my Parkside Studio. I just adore the simplicity of a ‘White Studio Session’. The photographs are Pure. Organic. Natural.

I always say less is more and this is truly the case when it comes to choosing a Baby Photographer. There is no need for chaotic setups, distracting elements and very colourful outfits to make them cute! Because they are perfect just the way that are! But I do understand, we do like seeing some props and cute baby outfits!

Therefore, Agata’s Photography does just that! I use a small selection of tasteful props, sourced Internationally and have the most gorgeous collection of neutral props to compliment my natural studio. I have a lovely collection of baby outfits, which are mostly subdue and subtle with a gentle splash of pastel.

We got some super cute 1st Birthday Cake Smash photos with Arie. Except, he did not want to eat his cake! He was eager to jump into the bubble bath! So we tailored the session around that!

Here are some highlights of Arie’s baby photographs :)

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Cake Smash Photographer Adelaide

Cake smash photographer Adelaide

Cake smash photos Adelaide

Adelaide Cake smash photos

One year old photography Adelaide

1st birthday photos Adelaide

It's not 'quack' the same without you Ducky!

baby photographer Adelaide | Cake Smash Photography

Agata is a Photographer - specialising in Maternity Photography, Newborn Photography, Baby Photography, Family Photography and Cake Smash Photography in Adelaide, South Australia. Her Newborn photos are taken in my little white studio, located in Parkside.

Agata is known for her Artistic. Natural & Organic Maternity, Newborn, Baby, Family and Cake Smash Photography.

Here is a great tittle article I found which include Nine tips for the perfect Cake Smash Click

1) The Perfect Cake

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Agata :)

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