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As a photographer, I have had the pleasure of capturing countless studio baby photography sessions. One recent session, in particular, stands out in my mind as an incredibly sweet and memorable experience. Are you interested in booking a baby photography session in Adelaide with Agata's Photography? Let me tell you a little about my last session to get you a little more motivated in booking an Adelaide baby photography session :)

The baby, just a few weeks old, was a joy to work with. As a professional photographer, I have learned how to create a safe, comfortable, and calming environment for newborns. The studio was warm, quiet, and filled with soft music, which helped to soothe the baby and put him at ease.

We started the session with some classic, posed shots of the baby in different positions and props, including a cozy blanket and a little hat. Then, we moved on to some candid shots, capturing the baby's sweet expressions and movements.

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Bookings are limited, so if you would like a baby photography session, please get in touch. Did you know, I was recognised as Adelaide's Top 20 Best Newborn Photographer's and titled 'AIPP 2016 Newborn Photographer of the Year - Runner Up'If you are expecting a Newborn baby and would love to capture your special memories with some Adelaide Baby Photos, CLICK HERE to find out more :)

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Thank you

Agata :)


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