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Adelaide Newborn Photographer | Newborn Photography with Adelaide's Leading baby photographer

Mentoring with Leanne Curtis Photography and Agata's Photography (Adelaide's Leading baby Photographer)

I recently did a 1:1 Mentoring Session with Leanne Curtis Photography in my Adelaide, Parkside Studio. A lot of my own learning has been from group workshops or online modules. It is important as Photographer's that we are constantly learning and adapting with this ever growing and changing industry.

Practice does not necessarily make perfect. But good practice makes perfect! Therefore learning from best in the industry is a must to stand out in this over saturated market.

Leanne is well-known for her ''Mastering Studio Light Workshops'. We had the most beautiful baby model, she was so calm and gave away many smiles. Baby Eliza you were just perfect :)

Studio Light: Elinchrom Rx-One

Some of the world's best known photographers use this light. Two of my favourites in the Industry are Erin Elizabeth Photography & Erin Tole

I hope you enjoy this sneak peek. If you would like to view my recent work you can find me on Facebook and Instagram :)

There are only a handful of bookings left for the remainder of the year. So if you are serious about booking a Adelaide Newborn Photography session, please do so sooner rather then later.

Thank you

Agata :)

Adelaide Newborn Photography

Adelaide Newborn Photographer

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