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First Birthday Cake Smash Photos - Baby Etana

Ohhhhh my gosh!! That cute face! Can anyone guess her cultural background?! I will give you a clue ... African and ...? Baby Etana came to my Parkside Studio for her Cake Smash Photos yesterday.

The best part was the anticipation of you diving into your stunning cake by Frosty Cakes Co.

There was a big mess to clean up (as expected) but the whole family got involved and we were done in no time.

Robyn May Flowers created some stunning floral pieces for me to compliment my bohemian inspired cake smash photography session.

Congratulations Mummy & Daddy for surviving your First Year! But the real work begins now!

I adored you all and I hope you enjoy this stunning sneak peek

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I adored you all and I hope you enjoy this stunning sneak peek

P.s the answer was Phillipines

Cake Smash photographer Adelaide

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