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Have you ever wondered what really happens to a photograph after it has been captured? An Adelaide Newborn Photography session is only one 'tier of the Cake' so to speak.

Post production is a large chunk of the overall picture. Some might say, if you get it right in camera first, then editing should be quick. Well I would agree and disagree. If your Newborn baby photos tend to have jaundice, blue tones, baby acne, discolouration, oily skin or flaky skin then it can be quite time consuming. I also believe an artistic edit is what identifies us as photographers and makes us unique.

I do not batch edit my Newborn Baby Photography; each photograph is edited carefully with high attention to detail. Here is just a recent example of my one of my babies from my Adelaide Newborn Photography Session.

I can't disclose all my secrets regarding post production. ButI can say that this lovely basket is from The Original Photoblocks Props and this lovey outfit is from Paturici Pentru Pitici

I only ever use high-end quality props in my Adelaide photography studio.

How cute is he?! Love. Love. LOVE.

If your interested in booking a Newborn Baby photography session with Agata's Photography

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Agata :)

Adelaide newborn photographer

Adelaide newborn baby photography

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