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Adelaide Pregnancy Photographer | Agata's Photography

Just incase you didn't know I was an Adelaide Maternity Photographer ... I am :)

In fact, pregnancy photography sessions are one of my most favoured photoshoots, go figure!

I like talking to the expecting mothers and hearing their stories, their questions, and their expectations. No two seem to be the same. And they each have a different style that they envision for their maternity sessions. Some like to keep it very simple, while others love the idea of being outdoors at the beach or in a park. I love all my Adelaide Maternity Sessions! I offer an array of stunning quality maternity gowns which are available at your disposal if you book a pregnancy photography sessions with Agata's Photography.

I absolutely enjoyed this session; not only did I challenge myself with a new stunning location, but opened my horizons to the endless opportunities with creating magical artwork.

I encourage my clients to choose a location which resonates with them and which they can feel most comfortable with. I hope you enjoy these lovely sneak peaks from my Adelaide Pregnancy Photography session.

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Agata :)

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