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Baby Photographer Adelaide | Everything you need to know about booking a sitter session

Have you been searching for Adelaide's Best Baby Photographer? Well you have come to the right place. If you're wondering what a 'sitter session' is all about, then I have all your questions answered below. It is a favourite session of mine and I look forward to welcoming your baby into my Parkside Baby Photography studio.

What age is best for my baby to have their sitter session?

So your little one is sitting up now, what a milestone they have achieved. What a better way to celebrate then with a sitter session. These sessions generally take place within 6-10 months, when baby is sitting up, unsupported. This type of session is best done, before baby begins crawling. As we know, a crawling baby + curiosity = adventure and it may prove difficult to get those angelic sitting photographs. I tend to pencil in a date around the 6month mark and then we have open communication and my client informs me of their babies progress and we schedule in a session when baby is sitting up comfortably, unsupported.

Where does the session take place?

My Little White, Bohemian Inspired studio which is nestled in Parkside; approximately 5-10 minutes from the CBD.

How long does the session last?

Between 1 - 2 hours. Babies will tire very quickly, so I aim my best to get it done within the hour.

What can I expect?

I like to treat my Adelaide Baby Photography sessions as one big play date. We play. We laugh and have lots of fun.

Once you arrive into my studio, you can nestle into the couch with a cuppa of tea or coffee and I will discuss with you the plan for the session. No two sessions are the same and I completely work around the main act (your baby). I understand you may feel apprehensive leading up to the session, but be rest assured the session is easy going and most of all fun with NO PRESSURE!

Typically, I will showcase the many cute outfits you may wish to style your baby with and we usually begin with family photographs. This is a great opportunity for baby to get use to the camera and me. Once we have captured some lovely family photographs, we move on to individual baby portraits. These will be taken on the bed and my white floorboards.

Then, we will continue on with more family photographs (that right! you will not regret being apart of the session, I promise).

Once we have nailed the formalities, we take photographs on the famous rocking horse and move onto a bubble bath photograph.

This is just a rough plan. If you wish not to be apart of the photograph's that is ok too, but I do recommend it.

Once baby is bathed, we wrap them up and have some 'after bath' snuggling photographs and then dress baby back into his/hers clothes and the session is then concluded.

If baby needs some milk or simply a cuddle during the session, then we work around bubba. Like I said before, no two sessions are the same and we simple work around your pride and joy and capture their personality through the session.

What should my baby and family wear?

I have a stunning range of outfits for your baby. I have a white studio, therefore all my outfits are white or muted tones. For mum's and dad's please please please stick to that colour palette, or we will be unable to achieve those airy white photographs. For more styling advice, I will share with you a session guide, on how to prepare for your session with my styling tips. yes, I absolutely love the styling component of each session!

What is the session going to cost me?

The session fee is $200. This includes my time and talent only. You will then need to select a digital collection package. The photographs will be edited, in high-resolution.

Package 1: 10 photographs = $500

Package 2: 25 photographs = $800

Package 3: 40 photographs = $1050

What happens after the session?

Approximately 1 week after your session, you will receive a link to view your 'unedited photographs' from home. This will then allow you the opportunity to choose your photographs and select a digital collection package. Once payment has been made, your photographs will be edited and please allow 2-3 weeks for your photographs to be finalised.

If you're interested in making an enquiry, please CLICK HERE

Below are some recent photographs of some Adelaide Baby Photos.

I have recently been recognised by BabyInfo for the following achievements.

Top 20 ' Best Maternity Photographers in Adelaide' 2020 in 2nd place

Top 10 'Best Baby photographers in Adelaide' 2020

Top 10 'Best Cake Smash Photographers in Adelaide' 2020

I hope to hear from you soon!

Agata x


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